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At present the Humer Foundation is supporting the following doctoral students:

UNIVERSITY OF SALZBURG – European Union Studies

sarah deisl
Effect of the Member States’ Rule of Law crisis on the division of competences among EU organs

Léo Gotarda
The Mainstreaming of Climate Change into all EU Policies

Klaudia Koxha
Populism and European Integration in Western Balkans

Birgit Carolin Mitter
Veins of European Cultural Policy: Awarding, Effects and Sustainability of European Cultural Project Funding

Nico Petz
Modelling Non-linear Macroeconomic Dynamics Using Gaussian Processes



Claudine Rakomanana
Transnational union between Malagasy women and non-Malagasy men: compelling attraction on sex, affect, money and power

Kaue Felipe Nogarotto Crima Bellini
Queer Migration in Europe: Racialized experiences and embodied spaces


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